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GC45 Tribute Antique Bronze Geocoin

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On May 2nd, 2000, the US Government switched off GPS selective availability, improving GPS accuracy to within a few metres.  The next day, on May 3rd, the very first geocache was hidden near Portland, Oregon in the USA. It was GCF, named "The Original Stash". 9 days later, on May 12th near Rotorua in New Zealand, the 1st geocache was hidden outside of the USA: GC45 "First New Zealand"

On May 12th, 2020, proudly unveiled a bronze memorial plaque to celebrate the story of GC45 "First New Zealand" and its important place in the worldwide history of the sport of geocaching.

This geocoin celebrates the placement of GC45 "First New Zealand", and the memorial plaque.  The front of this solid bronze geocoin is an exact 1/4 scale replica of the memorial plaque near the original location of GC45, beside State Highway 5 south of Rotorua, New Zealand.  The back of the coin outlines the history of GC45, hidden just 9 days after the creation of the sport, the very first geocache hidden outside of the USA.

This is the Antique Bronze edition of the "First New Zealand" Tribute Plaque Geocoin - solid bronze with an antique finish to most closely match the plaque itself.  This geocoin is fully trackable and includes a custom icon on

Also available are:
Antique Gold LE - 60 minted
Shiny Edition LE - 50 minted
Black Edition LE - 40 minted
Antique Silver LE - 40 minted
"21 Years Edition" Copper XLE - 10 minted

Proceeds from the sale of this geocoin, available exclusively from, contribute towards the cost of manufacture and installation of the memorial plaque, which was funded and installed by for the geocaching community.

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